With the statewide lockdown, we could not venture out to buy inks and paper, or take outside pictures.  So we took some in front of the fireplace, dressed in Xmas colors and wearing gas masks from the tool shed. 

     This one was the best of two dozen shots taken with two cameras on a tripod.  Lighting came from behind the cameras through a bay window, and shadows were filled in with a flash.  Not much CGI here, though the rubber gloves originally were hand-colored and almost invisible. They had to be colorized in blue.

     This year has been a long walk uphill, and it has been difficult to keep a sense of humor with so much of our lives restricted for safety.  We won't miss 2020.  We welcome the fresh start that comes with every new year.  When the quarantine gets too much to bear, we remember that Santa is bringing the vaccine.  We may get through this after all.

Chief among our New Year's resolutions is the recognition that we must listen to those who disagree with us. 

They are not our enemies.  They are our neighbors.

Our heartfelt hope is for   Peace on Earth to Men and Women of Goodwill.





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