This was Jade's idea.  We had half an hour this morning before heading off to meetings, so Jade drove us to the "Y" intersection while I figured out how to set the self-timer on the Nikon.  The Santa Anas were howling overnight, but the winds stilled while we took four shots at various distances in various poses.  I used a fill-in flash at full power, because the sun was behind us.

     Back in the brightroom, I cropped the exposure to put us closer to the center of the frame.  Then I warmed the image up by boosting all colors by 5%, and  yellows and reds by another 5%.  I used the darken shadows tool on the foreground flowers, which were closer to the flash, and the lighten midrange tool on my pants and background shadows to bring out a hint of detail.

     This sign greets everyone who enters town.  It is the frontispiece of Rotary Community Park, which was built on the former site of a lumberyard through a partnership of the City of Ojai and the Rotary Club of Ojai-West.  I was a member of the club during construction, and actually did some shovel work on the project, along with the other members, as you see below.

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