Have a Safe Holiday

        On our last day in New York, we did a lot of walking.  It was crisp, cold, and bright. We saw Ground Zero, and Chinatown, and passed through the financial district.  In front of the New York Stock exchange, two swat officers were taking a break.  One puffed on a cigar.   Jade walked up and asked if we could pose with them for this year's card.  They were happy to do it.  You can see the short one smiling as he leans into the frame.  Another tourist held the camera.

     New York is brusque and in a continual hurry.  It is an electric powerhouse and a human beehive.  But after 911, everybody watches everybody else. 

     As a photographer I continually look for faces, but I had to give it up there. They all spot you at once and look back, checking your hands and feet. Then, in another split second, they are looking at the ground or a window, or anyplace but you.

     It surprised us to discover a warm welcome on that cold day in the Big Apple.  

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